10 Tips To Get Started On Your Fitness Goals

1. Be realistic: nothing sucks more than saying you’re going to exercise 5 days a week and you only made it to 3. When in reality how do you realistically set yourself to exercise 3 days a week and accomplish that with no problem you’ll feel really good about yourself.

2. Start slow: I know you are super excited to get started but trying to make a workout plan that involves yoga, weight training, cardio and Crossfit is just way too much. Start slow and pick one activity at a time when you get used to your schedule, then you can add in another one.

3. Do what you like: if you start a diet plan or training regimen and you absolutely hate it; where are the odds of you going back to it or even sticking to it for the long term? Better yet why not be flexible with your choices? Do what you like and then when you get used to it go ahead and challenge yourself and adding new exercises with new eating habits as you go along.

4. Have a fitness friend: when I first started out, I don’t know how many times a fitness friend has helped me! We made sure we got in our exercises together, reminded each other what our goals were, and it made time go by much faster during our workouts. Accountability at its finest.
5. Get some new gear: there’s something about getting new workout clothes and shoes that make you feel super motivated and proud to use them. Treat yourself every once in awhile with new gear- you’ll be excited to wear it.

6. Pick weights over cardio: as you advance in your fitness journey you will soon realize how much weight training is far more effective than your cardio. Therefore, start early and start learning good form with weight training and get really good at it then sprinkle in some cardio for good measure.

7. Don’t weigh yourself everyday: both men and women fluctuate in weight daily due to water retention, sodium intake, stress, sleep and many other reasons. Women especially! I recommend weighing yourself twice a week on the same day, then take your weekly average and see if the scale is going down.

8. Walk as much as you can: something funny happens when people start exercising; they totally forget to walk! People think that they can go to work 9-5, pretty much sit all day, go to the gym for one hour and go back home and sit again. If this is you rethink your fitness plan. Mover as much as you can.

9. Be patient: your journey is life long. When you set health and fitness goals and reach them. You’ll need to set new ones. It’ll always be like this. There’s always room for improvement.

10. Be consistent: do not be perfect but DO BE CONSISTENT. Remember missing 2 days of exercise may happen but always going on missing months then jumping back on the wagon and qnd doing that again is not ok.