8 Tips to Break Your Fat Loss Hault

You’ve been eating your food and completing all your workouts, but somehow you’re stuck. It happens. It happened to me too but I’ve found ways to break it and keep things running as they should.


My top 8 tips to break your fat loss hault:

1. If you’ve been eating high quality foods with good progress but not weighing them. Nows the time to do just that. Yes, even so-called clean foods will keep you fat. Measure them out 1 tablespoon of peanut butter is not much when measured therefore things like that make the calories add up.

2. If you are doing cardio 2x/week trying adding 1 more day OR up the minutes in the sessions you’re already doing.

3. If you typically weight train in the 12-15 rep range try adding reps that feel heavy only allowing you to complete 4-5 reps.

4. If you weight train first then do your cardio after; try separating them so that each workout is 100%. Morning and night.

5. If you are someone who eats ‘cheat meals’ 1x/week, try every other week.

6. Move more! Many of us have 8hr desk jobs which equals less movement. Move as much as you can whenever you can on top of your training program.

7. Swap your food choices. If you eat brown rice for dinner but find it doesn’t leave you full causing you to be a cookie monster at night try replacing the rice with 3 cups of veggies, high volume leaves you stuffed.

8. Eat foods that make you full. Feeling full is a good thing it sends signals to your brain of satisfaction. For example eat a whole cucumber with your salad, add double the water in your oatmeal, add alot of ice to your shakes. When you’re watching your caloric intake the goal is to always still feel full because it’s overall more satisfying.

Hope this helps!