A Chocolate a Day Keeps My Weight Gain Away

Yes, I eat chocolate every day. Is it healthy? Maybe not to you BUT here’s the thing. Allowing myself to enjoy something I really do love everyday helps me curb my cravings for worse crap later. I have used this strategy every day for the past two years. This has been my personal secret to my own permanent fat loss. Seems sort of counterintuitive right? But check how this all works out. Back when I was only ‘clean eating’ and dieting extremely; chocolate was a no-no and totally off-limits. You know what happened when I was even around chocolate (lets say a holiday gathering, party, ect.)? I was anxious, I wanted to eat it really bad and then when I gave in I didn’t eat just one piece I ate almost the whole bowl! Clearly way more than I even needed to remove my cravings. This lead to guilt, which then lead to me feeling, “Well I already f***d up my diet so who cares all this weekend.” This is a vicious cycle that I went through and I know current clients who are trying to fight this yo-yo dieting cycling of guilt and shame of eating what’s considered off plan.


By allowing myself chocolate everyday eventually I get over it. Why? Well we as humans get bored with the same ol’ same ol’. Same like food we can eat the same food everyday (diet or not) and eventually you’ll want something different, a new dish because its refreshing to taste new flavors. This is what happens to me. Something that would normally be considered ‘bad’ I eat it every day because eventually it just gets boring. Again, no it may not be considered perfect or healthy to you but this has been a perfect piece f my permanent fat loss journey.

Here is my  advice on how to have your cake and eat it too.

  1. Find a food alternative so you never feel like you can’t have food you love. Example I love ice cream. However; I have learned I can not just go to a frozen yogurt shop and stay within portion I fill it up to rim! Hey don’t say I’m the only one. So my alternative; I buy ice cream and always keep my freezer fully stocked of my favorite Dreyers Slow Churned Rocky Road! Yumm! That way I control the portion and I eat with my stomach not with my eyes.
  2. Never say you can’t have that certain food you are so weak for, because surely you can. It’s just right now you choose not too because you have current health goals in mind and maybe you’re not even craving it so why not enjoy it when you truly crave it don’t just eat because it’s there. Food will always be there 😉

I hope this helps put your mind at ease and in a much different place. Remember I’m here for you.

One thought on “A Chocolate a Day Keeps My Weight Gain Away

  1. Hey Alyssa,
    I searching for avoiding weight gain materials today and found this on your website.
    I really like your 2 advice, which are really simple and actionable.
    Thank you for this article!


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