Alyssa’s Supplements and Why

A few days ago I posted on my Instagram @alyssamlemus, a photo of all the supplements I currently take. I will have phases when some supplements are removed for a period of time for example when I am in a muscle-building phase and I am eating a lot of food I don’t feel I really NEED a multivitamin. Sure it wouldn’t hurt me to take one but in my opinion- I am eating a lot of various fruits, veggies, lean proteins, fats, and grains that I know my overall vitamin/mineral intake is pretty good. So I simply save my money and not buy  a Multivitamin. That is just a small example of why I would remove a supplement.


For simplicity I am going to go through what I am currently taking and why.

Turmeric: has anti inflammatory effect, which is important for me with constant sore muscle from training. I have yet to find more valuable research but from the research I have found the anti-aging, anti inflammatory, and even cancer prevention. It was worth it for me to give it a go and be consistent with it.

Creatine: is highly researched and has been proven to be effective. It is a molecule in an energy system, it can quickly provide energy to support cellular function this is perfect for those of us who love to weight train. It helps to increase both power output and lean mass.

Multi: This is simply my insurance that all vitamins/minerals are covered. However I ALWAYS make sure that my diet is well rounded that way my multi vitamin can act like my insurance policy in case anything is missing. =

Magnesium: a mineral that a large percentage of us are deficient in, myself included. Having a lack in magnesium can raise blood pressure. Initially I began taking this to reduce muscle cramps but as more research shows; Magnesium may also boost exercise performance.

BCAAS: are three amino acids with similar structures that benefit the muscles. They are typically found in complete forms in mainly animal proteins. Supplementing is not necessary but the research shows that it helps in preventing fatigue in athletes. Anything that helps with soreness, fatigue, and recovery is an A++ in my books.

Potassium: I initially started taking this because I would wake up in the middle of the night with horrible calve cramps. I mean they felt deadly! Has this ever happened to you? My goodness, I couldn’t get to the bottom of it and why this was happening. I tried drinking more water until one day I decided to track how much potassium I take in a day via food. I was shocked! The range is 3000-35oomg. I was probably averaging 1500mg a day! I did my research and started eating ALOT more potassium reach foods and I decided to supplement with it too for good measure. Guess what? Within a week cramps gone! No joke!

Probiotic: I take this to keep a healthy gut and to help digestion. Research has shown that if your gut is working probably your whole system will run well. There is nothing worse than stomach pains, stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, etc. None of those should ever occur. When they do you know something is not right.

Fish Oil: I take this to get in my Omega-3 fats (EPA and DHA). The body can typically synthesize fat that it needs from our diet however did you know our bodies cannot make the essential fatty acids. Hence why taking an Omega 3 supplement is essential.