Cellulite Be Gone!

Cellulite ugh! Us woman hate them! To be straight forward it’s no easy task to get rid of or reduce them. Notice I also included ‘reduce’. There are certain women that due to their genetics they’ll have cellulite even at their leanest however it wont be as noticeable; but it’s still there.


Here my top 3 tips to completely remove cellulite and or reduce significantly:

  1. Nutrition: eat enough food to fuel your workouts. But not too much that causes you to gain body fat and make sure its a balance of macronutrients carbohydrates fats and proteins. Protein is an extreme importance macronutrient that will help you build muscle get lean and be toned. The more muscle mass you have the less cellulite you will carry.
  2. Training: make weight training over cardio a priority train your legs and glutes twice a week with challenging weights and watch the results come.
  3. Move more: think about it the more you sit on your ass how do you expect your ass to be plump and sexy?! Move as much as you can and whenever you can!
  4. Reduce cardio: if you’re doing too much cardio you’re not allowing your body to build the muscle that it needs instead you’re expanding the calories rather than allowing those calories to be used towards muscle building try switching from long duration cardio such as running to short 15-20 minute circuit intervals I guarantee a noticeable difference.