Dieting Methods

If you’ve dieted before you know by now that overall caloric intake matters. Meaning to lose body fat you need to eat less calories than you burn and to gain fat you need to eat more than you burn. Pretty simple right?


You also know that there are so many types of diets: Paleo, Atkins, weight watchers. Heck! There’s even rules applied to diets to make the diet “work”. No carbs after 7pm, no dairy, no gluten, even no fruits. Trust me I’ve heard them all.

But which ones work and which ones don’t? What makes certain diets better than others? That’s really up to you.

I’m going to agree with all of them. Let me explain. If any of the above said diets come easily to you meaning it’s not unbearable and overall fits with your eating style then it’ll work really well for you. You’ll be very successful at reducing calorie intake without it being so difficult. That’s not to say that a reduction in calories wont be difficult but when choosing how you want to approach it makes all the difference.


Here’s an example;  if I had a client who was weight training 5x/week what good does it do them to be eating a low carb diet? They are training so they need carbohydrates to build and repair. Sure I’d they want to get a little leaner we could reduce carb intake to assure they are in a caloric deficit but i would never have them eliminate carbs just because the word on the street says low carb diets work. So not true!

There are many ways to approach fat loss. I hope this helps you rethink your approach if you’re dieing and struggling big time.

Remember I’m here for you.


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