Diets Have Their Phases

We’ve come a long ways in dieting. I remember back in the 80’s when woman around me were dieting there was always something hip and new in the diet world. At the time I didn’t understand it but what I did understand was that this new diet was something they read or saw on TV that had woman all up on it because it was the new miracle way to diet.

In the 90’s it was a totally different diet and bring on the 2000’s a totally new one. You see I know better now, I am more educated and simply wiser. Which now that I look back; if someone was consistently doing these fad diets since the 80’s that means they’ve been dieting for 30+ years! That sucks. How much you want to bet non of them even reached their goals OR if they did; it didn’t last.

You see dieting has it phases and what I mean by phases has nothing to do with the time of year I’m talking phases such as; fat loss, maintenance, surplus (slight fat gain/muscle gain).


On social media people don’t see this side of me. Let me clarify that I don’t hide it but it happens so subtle that no one really notices. But I do tap into all of these phases as for they are all important to my goals. I have phases where I eat less on purpose to promote a fat loss phase, where I eat enough to maintain how I look and feel and then lastly a phase where I purposely eat just a little more than my body needs to gain some fat back (not too much) in order to promote muscle growth. This is something I learned totally works over the years training clients and also in published reasearch studies. Every one of the above phases are equally important.

However, if you are reading this I will bet that you mainly always want to be in the fat loss phase and never allow for a break because a break from fat loss scares you. Am I right or am I right?

Hey! That’s totally ok we all make mistakes and need to learn from them but let me tell you why it is important to utilize every phase of a diet so that over time it no longer becomes a diet and more like a lifestyle shift to keep progressing and be forever fit and healthy.

In the fat loss phase you will need to be conscious of your food intake and it will require some sacrifice of not eating too many treats but the good thing is once you reach your health and fitness goals you can transition to a maintenance phase where you can get away with eating a little more and being more relaxed with your workouts. You can hold this phase here as long as you want but at some point its wise to shift over to eating a little more than this where you are purposely gaining some healthy fat back in order to promote more muscle growth. What this phase does is allows you to be more relaxed with your diet in which you can treat yourself a little more and also gives you a mental break from dieting until it is time for you to go back to a fat loss phase.

You see, it’s NOT good to ALWAYS be in a fat loss phase because it gets physically and mentally exhausting and it’s NOT good to always be in maintenance phase (unless you are 100% happy at this phase and are totally ok with zero changes to be made to your body- this is the safest phase of all 3 phases) and it’s NOT good to ALWAYS be in a healthy fat gain phase because at some point eventually you’ll gain too much unhealthy fat back.

When it comes to dieting this is what I teach my personal training clients. I show them how to transition to each phase (according to their lifestyle) with out it feeling so tough and also it’s wise to shift to different phases during different times of your life (holiday, work, school). Be smart and know when you will be dedicated to fat loss. For example if you are a full-time student and full time worker and have a lot of exams coming up in which requires you to need a lot of fuel for mental energy; it’s not wise to be on a diet. Diet’s eventually get draining and if you need that mental energy for school don’t put yourself in a bad position. to fail. When the stress levels of life come down a bit you can jump back to fat loss. You see where I’m getting at? I hope this blog posts help! As always reach out to me if you need help reaching your goals. I’m just an email away!