How I ‘Diet’

I try not to keep any of my principles to myself. I have certain fundamentals that I follow merely because they help me get into shape and stay into shape; effortlessly. Anything that is effortless is an A+ in my books. When it comes to fitness and health, effortless to me means that I enjoy it most of the time. For example; it fits into my lifestyle, it’s not too complicated, and I can see myself doing it 5+ years from now.

I love sharing more of my life here on my blog. Instagram, snapchat, etc. are small snippets of what my fitness life is really like. I wanted to share with you how I ‘diet’ and why I do it this way. I quote diet because I honestly mean this; I love the way I eat. In addition, some of my clients have adapted some of my ways and have enjoyed it themselves. Not all of them but some. I think it’s good to point out that one way of dieting is not for everyone. Hence why I write that NOT all my clients have adapted to some of my ways of eating. Going back to what I initially wrote, it needs to feel effortless. If my clients don’t feel it is it’s just not going to work for them.


Here is how I ‘diet’:

  1. I do not snack: For years I used to eat Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack (maybe if calories allowed it). More times than not I was ALWAYS left hungry which is why I relied so much on those snacks in between. I was hungry every 2-3 hours on the dot. Let me just say how exhausting that was. I had to prep and pack meals and I felt like I was constantly eating. I now only eat 3 max 4 large meals a day. Meals NOT snacks.
  2. I eat more at the times I’m most hungry:  I am most hungry late at night, I’m a big night eater. Years ago this would ruin me because I never had enough calories to eat late at night since I ate them throughout the day. Now I go longer without eating (hence why no snacks) and I eat a large meal when I know I want it most which will lead to satisfaction. For me that is typically Meal 1: 10am Meal 2: 2pm Meal 3: 7pm Meal 4: 9pm. I need to go to bed semi full. Some days I prefer 3 meals it’s like a major feast 😛
  3. I must eat 2-3 servings of veggies and fruits per day: It’s VERY easy to forget to eat our vegetables and fruits so I have a rule for myself that I must eat 2-3 servings of each per day. I can have them all in one meal or in separate. I don’t care how/when I consume them, it’s a must plain and simple. They are healthy and micronutrients are EXTREMELY important for our bodies; they help your cells repair and recover. For me this is important so I can keep training the way I want to.
  4. I am flexible with food choices: I love desserts more than savory foods. I would choose ice cream, cake, cookies over pizza and pasta any day (oh yesss!). So I must allow these into my diet so that I never feel deprived from them to the point that when I’m around them it’s no big deal, I have self-control because my diet includes them anyway. I’ve learned when I eliminated certain foods I had no control when I was around them. So I do myself the favor and give it to myself whenever I want. One thing I do is I save some room every night for ice cream before bed. I am aware of this therefore I make the best choices at my other 3 meals (like always having my 2-3 servings of fruits and veggies).
  5. I eat my carbs later at night: Research has shown that carbohydrates help you sleep. Haven’t you ever noticed that when you eat a huge carb meal midday you get ‘food coma’? That’s because carbs make us sleepy. Especially in large quantities. I notice this alot that’s why I like to eat them later in the day typically in my meals 3 and 4 (that’s where my ice cream fits in perfectly!)
  6. I eat a variety of foods: Some people find too much variety in their diet makes it hard to stick to because they are given to many options and they need more structure, but for myself I NEED variety I can get bored very quickly. If I always have the same food combinations I feel like my food is boring and diet sucks. So I make sure I rotate foods. One week I’ll stick to certain fruits, veggies, meats, even my ice cream flavor then the next week I switch it up.
  7. I stopped copying others diets: I am totally guilty of this in the past. If I saw a girl who looked amazing I felt that her diet was the only way I would get fit or stay fit. But you know what happened? I fuckin hated it. It didn’t suit me and my lifestyle it was a burden. So I gave up and there I go again frustrated. I then realized I had to find my ‘diet’.
  8. I must truthfully enjoy how I eat: bottom line if I don’t like how I eat to reach a body that is healthy and fit then it won’t last. So I chose principles like numbers 1-7 above to keep me doing this for as long as I like, because it’s effortless.

I hope this helps you understand that you too can find yours if you need help reach out to me I can help you tweak some things that are holding you back or even recommend some things that I think may help!