How To Get Abs


(photo credit: Dee Do)

Abs, oh abs everybody wants them. Yet people think they can never have them because it was requires 100% clean eating, a lot of exercise, not eating out, squeems, body wraps (I can’t believe these exist), detox. Right? Ummm, no thank you to any of those.

Did you know if you eat in a deficit (less calories than you burn) you can have abs too? Yes, even with a well rounded diet. Nothing extreme, nothing that requires low carbs, no detoxing. Just plain ol’ exercising enough, eating balanced, not eating more than you burn and eventually you will see ab definition. Keep in mind the way your abs look solely depend on your genetics. Meaning are they flat or bumpy like mountains 😀 but I’ll save that for another post. Check this out, below is a picture of me when I was a clean eating, being really extreme (not eating fruit, low carb, cardio every day, no treats, no dairy, boring ass diet).


Now below is a picture of me when I brought up my calories significantly, exercised enough, weight training more than cardio, skipped some days because I was too tired, ate more balanced (chocolate in moderation, ate out a lot but made great food choices). Tell me what you see?


Personally I see no physical difference but what I felt inside meant so much more. I was happier, healthier and I loved my healthy life. This can be you too, I can help you. Don’t let someone make you believe you can’t reach any goal you desire. The key ingredient is consistency in your plan. Everything else will fall into place just be consistent.

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