How To Incorporate Treats Into Your Day

If you haven’t figured me out by now I will tell you- I am a firm believer in never placing certain foods off limits.

In the past when I was on my fitness journey I was learning so much and the majority of my knowledge came from magazines like OXYGEN, Muscle and Fitness, and Shape. I never questioned what those magazines said I just did it because the woman on the front covers were lean and sexy and THATS what I wanted. Just like any start to fitness you feel on a roll you feel hardcore because you totally got this right? but then it hits you; temptation, cravings, family food outings. You become anxious because you have a plan you need to follow but having a treat sounds really good right about now.


 I started practicing the idea that incorporating relief into my nutrition helps me curb cravings and stick to my nutrition longer and it never felt like a diet. It took a lot of practice because I had to trust myself around food and So do you. I started with mixing a little bit of good with a little bit of what people call ‘bad’ foods. Here’s an example. If I am craving ice cream I will mix greek yogurt (high in protein) add some sweetener like Truvia with a tablespoon of cocoa powder. It tastes like chocolate pudding. But then I added a little bit of bad; chocolate chips- yummmm! This helped me not feel deprived from sweets and chocolate. I kept doing this to different food such as on top of sliced strawberries I would squirt fat free whip cream drizzled with sugar free Hershey’s syrup. I kept doing things like such and see how my body responded. Surprise! I NEVER got fat.

 I started to find different ways to incorporate treats into my day to foods that are better alternatives. I STILL do this. No foods are off limits for me. I can have it whenever I want this creates a much healthier relationship with food. I’m not perfect but I am consistence this is how I stay lean for life.


xoxo, Alyssa


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