How To Meal Plan Effectively

I hear this all the time, that the biggest downfall to one’s fat loss success is they’re not preparing and planning their meals. They aren’t eating what their supposed to because it’s not right in front of them ready to go when it’s needed. Therefore they result in eating out. Don’t get me wrong eating out is not bad there are plenty of healthy options these days but rarely does one choose a healthier option.
(I love to go snacks like this for easy prepping)

Here’s how to prep your meals effectively:

1. Calculate your protein, carb and fat needs.
2. Eat only the foods you like.
3. Schedule your meals based on how your day will be like (work, school, kids, etc.)
4. Adjust your meal intake based on your progress.

Once you know how much protein, carbs and fat you need for muscle gain or fat loss you can then start to prepare your food based around your goals. Only eat the food you like because you be more prone to eat them for example if there are certain vegetables I don’t like I will not eat them however I will stock up on the ones I do like because I will eat those, same goes for protein and carbohydrates don’t just eat brown rice because someone says it’s better for you; if you prefer white rice that’s fine just make sure you are measuring correctly for the amount of carbs you need. Always adjust your intake based on you’re results.