How To Stay Lean 365 Days a Year

Your nutrition is critical if you want to get lean and stay that way year round. People think that constantly being on a different diets without paying attention to the overall picture is what will get them ‘skinny’, so not true!

So what’s the secret to life long leanness? CONSISTENCY, CONVENIENCE, and MOVEMENT. Let me elaborate what I mean by this:

Fat loss and lifelong leanness has phases, it is never linear. What I mean by this is fat is not always dropping at some point it needs to stop at your goal. An example would be once you’ve lost weight you keep it there to maintain then you can eat some more food if you’re more active. As long as you’re consistent in your fat loss goals you will reach them. But if you constantly are ‘starting over on Monday’ yes YOU know what I’m talking about, then know right now that you’ll never reach your goals. Tough love but someones gatta tell you! If you overeat once in 30 days it’s a rare case that you’ll lose all you’ve worked for in those other 29 days.

The thing you must have in your life above anything else is convenience. When you are inconvenienced you are more likely to fall off track. I know this because this is exactly when happens to all my clients. When I ask them why they haven’t been consistent with their meals; their response is that they haven’t gone grocery shopping and simply haven’t prepped food, therefore eating out is what they’ve been up to. However, had my clients had their fridge stocked with the necessary foods it is much more convenient for them to stick to their plan. Be prepared  by not being inconvenienced; trust me you’ll thank me later.

Move as much as you can!! I do not say this lightly. I know many of you walk on the daily but still wonder why you can’t lose fat. Well I hate to break it to you but your body has adapted and it wants more movement than that. That means if you walk everyday for exercise you need to step it up a notch by engaging in resistance training or some other form of exercise. Same goes for those who have desk jobs you need to move the most. For every 30 minutes of inactivity you do need 60 seconds of activity. Your goal is to move as much as you can whenever you can! I walk my dog daily for movement but it is not my exercise. It’s a privilege to move be grateful.


xoxo, Alyssa