How To Stop Being On A Diet All The Time

I’m writing this post because I get so many emails and messages from women all the time asking me what I think of this diet or that diet or this approach.

The first time I ever realized I was actually dieting for real was when I discovered bikini competition. I remember meal prepping every Sunday. Calculating and counting everything that went into my mouth. I wrote down all my workouts and I never missed a training session. I was 100% obsessed and although at the time it didn’t feel like it. In my mind I was just doing what I needed to do to win a bikini show. After months and months of doing this it caught up to me. It fell hard on me. I was tired every day, I hated my food, had zero energy for the little things in life like opening a jar. I hated working out and I even started to hate the gym. It was one of the weirdest feelings because I felt as if I was losing control of who I was; even till this day I truly do love training.

I never had a personal trainer so I had a lot to learn on my own. One really important thing I learned was that being on a well-designed diet plan was good for helping me learn how I responded to what did and didn’t work. What you need to understand is eventually you need to get to the point where you won’t need a diet. Always needing to be on a diet plan is foolish and keeps you too dependent. You eventually need to be on your own and TRUST yourself that you are capable of keeping the weight off without yo-yo dieting. If you keep jumping from diet to diet you will discover that there is no magic diet and there is no magic formula.

If you are a client of mine you know I hate giving out exact meal plans for good reason. When I used to give out meal plans the moment my client didn’t follow it to the T they felt shame, weak, and embarrassed for not being disciplined enough. Instead of just having the mentality that tomorrow is better day, they went opposite spectrum and binge ate because they ‘F’d up anyway. However I do believe a diet plan is good to start off with until I get my clients to the point where they can say to themselves, “I got this!” When I get my clients to that point I know they are in tune with their bodies and have total control over their everyday nutrition.

Remember its okay to mess up in the beginning. Messing up is good because it allows you to trust yourself that you’ve learned how to make it right. Dieting is a learning process of trial and error. Sometimes it does take the help of a personal trainer to help fine tune your diet and reassure you that you’re headed the right way. But an even BETTER trainer will eventually get you off the diet and allow you to trust yourself so that you know how to eat for life.


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