I Quit Hormonal Birth Control, Here’s What Happened

Disclaimer: this post is in regards to quitting hormonal birth control for pregnancy prevention purposes only. If you are prescribed birth control for other health issues please listen to your doctor. But also be smart and do your own research on other holistic approaches you can take towards healing.

I have been so eager to type this up. When I decided it was time for me to get off of hormonal birth control (Ortho-try-cyclen-lo to be exact) after 13 straight years. I was totally scared. I was scared of what would I feel without it? Would I get pregnant right away? What will my periods be like? Will I gain weight? Will I break out?! I read these experiences EVERYWHERE on the inter-web. A part of me didn’t want to find out.

So why did I do it? What first lit the bulb was when I listening to a podcast (I can’t recall the name I apologize), there was a brief statement that taking birth control pills can alter the body’s mineral and vitamin absorption. Which meant that all the while I was be consistent with my supplements there was a possibility that I may or may not be absorbing them as I should. Mind you, I take pride is choosing whole foods when possible and only taking the best organic vitamins. This was a slap in my face. So here are the reasons why I wanted to get off hormonal birth control:

  1. Libido came and went; it was never consistent. I could go months with very low libido. I would still have sex with low libido because I am a married woman but I could easily not feel the need for it. I HATED that!
  2. Doesn’t allow for full vitamin and mineral absorption.
  3. Man made synthetic hormone is not what I wanted in my body anymore.
  4. periods were every 27 days exact and only lasted 2 days.
  5. I could get sad very easily. When you are run by fake hormones you have no control over this.

For 3 months I had the idea of getting off the pill in the back of my head. I knew that whatever my body wanted to do once I got off- there was NOTHING I could do. I had to let my body ride it out until all the artificial hormones were depleted. However, what I did do was research which supplements were best to regulate hormones and remove this toxic hormone from my body ASAP! Here were the supplements I bought: DIM and Chaste Tree. These supplements are also great for women going through menopause. Then I began to research alternate birth control ways. I want to educate you on this okay so bare with me. I want you to learn natural birth control methods IF you don’t want to become pregnant.

Natural Birth Control Methods

  1. Fertility Awareness: this method you must start to learn your cycle by reading your body (i.e discharge color, type, feel, etc), and body temperature. You sort of guess when you may be ovulating. You would skip sex those days and I highly recommend skipping sex 2 days before and 2 days after; as for sperm can live long enough inside you to get you pregnant.
  2. Rhythm Method: this is very similar to the fertility method however you are way more precise. For example not every woman gets their period on the exact same day every month. If this you then you would need to count days after period ended and started and do some math to figure out the fertile window. So you can see that this takes a different rhythm month to month. It takes you wanting to get to know your body.
  3. Cervical Mucus Method: this involves checking the mucus from your cervix at certain points in your cycle AKA your discharge. Typically after your period there’s not that much discharge but when you’re ovulating, there can be a lot. You must take notice in the changes of its texture or color throughout your cycle. All of this will help you to know when you’re ovulating.
  4. Basal Body Temperature: this method has you keep a daily chart of your temperature. You use a device called a basal body temperature thermometer at the same time every day this will help determine ovulation.
  5. Withdrawal Method: this method is to not give the sperm a chance to meet your eggs by “pulling out” before he ejaculates. This takes alot of self-control on the mans part and is highly recommended with a trusted partner.
  6. Condom: this method is when the man wears a condom to not allow sperm to enter the uterus.
  7. Diaphragm: the is a very old school method turned new school. It is a female contraceptive barrier device made of silicone that is hormone-free, it acts as a mechanical barrier that prevents sperm from entering the uterus. The old school diaphram needed to be fitted to the woman- the new school is a “one size fits most”.

I am aware there are a few more non hormonal methods. Just wanted to shed some light.

The method that I am using is a combination of Rhythm Method, Diaphram and Withdrawl Method. Yes all 3 methods for a 99.9% effectivness. I have been doing this for 5 months now and still not pregnant and I feel fantastic! Here is what happened:

  1. Very high sex drive, I actually feel the high sex drive. Its AHMAZING.
  2. I did not break out.
  3. I did not gain weight.
  4. I sleep deeper than ever before 8-9 hours deep sleep is easy peasy.
  5. I feel happier like all the time.
  6. My period is every 35-45 days. Almost 2 full weeks longer than when I was on the pill. This was alarming at first but with time this may or may not change but as I learn my body this is becoming normal.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, please share it with your lady friends! If I can be of any help with this topic please email me at afit_training@outlook.com