Is Your Resolution Realistic?

I was speaking to one of my clients recently and we started chatting New Years. They brought up to me that their New Years Resolution was to completely give up drinking alcohol. I’m sure I sort of gave this look of, ‘I don’t believe you’. I didn’t mean to but let me give you a little insight. This client of mine of loves to drink. Happy Hour during the week, a glass or two of wine every day after work, weekends with friends. It’s pretty much everyday.

I advised to perhaps just cut back little by little; it’s more realistic. Such as cut out the wine that’s consumed after work at home and instead stick with Happy Hour since it’s the time one get’s to spend with friends anyway. Then little by little keep cutting back until it’s almost non existent if that’s what they choose.


I bring this up because I used to be that person. It was always something in regards with my diet. I either would either try to:  cut out sugar, eliminate diary (because it bloats me), drink ‘x’ amount of water per day, don’t eat fruit (because its so high in sugar). What the hell was I doing?! There was a point in my life where I believed fruit had so much sugar I didn’t eat fruit for a whole year. If I ever did eat fruit (because I was craving something sweet) even 1/2 cup of blueberries I felt so guilty. That is NOT cool. This is NOT right.

Be realistic in your New Years Resolution. Do it little by little so it’s smooth sailing and you don’t feel it so much. Don’t let your resolution ruin your social life and most of all don’t choose something that you know you can’t even do for a month, you’ll just feel like a failure even though you already knew you couldn’t do it.

Happy New Years to you and your family. I look forward to the New Year it’s going to be my best yet.


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