20 Reasons Why You Still Haven’t Lost Body Fat 

  1. You’re not honest with what you put in your mouth. You are still overeating and you are not being honest about it.
  2. You rely more on liquid foods than whole foods.
  3. You cut back on specific foods thinking they are bad but end up bingeing on them later.
  4. You don’t move enough this includes walking.
  5. You constantly fall on and off track consistency over perfection always.
  6. You still don’t make your own food.
  7. You still don’t weigh your food and are unaware of portion sizes.
  8. You still think that eating less is better.
  9. You are afraid to eat more food.
  10. You are free to exercise in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  11. It’s been years and you haven’t changed your exercise routine you stick to the same old thing.
  12. You don’t eat enough lean proteins.
  13. You continue to copy diet and training plans when in reality you are unique and require specific needs.
  14. You don’t sleep enough.
  15. Every time you have a hard workout you feel you are deserving of treat foods.
  16. You remove food groups for your diet (this excludes if you actually have a food allergy).
  17. You eat too little carbs.
  18. You eat too little fat.
  19. You don’t know how to drink alcohol in moderation.
  20. You eat your kids leftovers to not waste food.0i0a9582_14795782330271.jpg