Signs Your Exercise Program Is Not Right For You

Look, I’m not asking you to LOVE your exercise program but I am wondering how it is making you feel. Below are a list of things to look out for to know if the program is right for you or not.


1. You hate it and don’t ever look forward it
If you absolutely hate your program you will sooner than later give up on it. You should want to exercise the majority of the time even when you do find it challenging.

2. You can’t ever fit it your exercise
If you are on a program that doesn’t fit your schedule what’s the point?! You will never adhere to it. Don’t believe when someone says you have to do it at this time and that time. The best time is the time that is convenient for you and will allow you to continue with consistency.

3. It doesn’t go hand in hand with your goals
Just because your friend is doing crossfit doesn’t mean you should too. What if your goals are to gain maximum strength in your power lifts. Well then you better be on a powerlifting program that’s going to allow you to progress. What if you have a certain medical condition that doesn’t allow you to do certain workouts that your friend is doing. This shouldn’t make you feel that your out of luck. No, you find a program that will suit you and your individual goals.

4. It takes too long you never finish it
If you have a super busy schedule then clearly training more than an hour a day may be too long for you. You will be less likely to finish your program because you cant stick to it which will leave you feeling motivated. Don’t burn yourself out just to exercise. Use a program that is quick and effective and leaves you feeling accomplished.

5. It’s too easy
If you find yourself just doing the exercises easy breezy, umm time to step it up. You should always be challenged. Some days will be challenging than others. When you want great results its all about pushing yourself and making great progress.

6. You are a beginner and your program is too hard
I get it sometimes we just want to go 100% but honestly you need to find a program that will allow you progress overtime. Be patient you will get to the advanced level soon. You will  make much better progress starting small and working your way up.

7. You are being unrealistic about your goals
You want to lose 40lbs in 3 days. Please don’t let this be you. This is unrealistic and extremely unhealthy on your body and mind. Your body will either fight you by not losing no matter how extreme you are or you will lose but when you try to live a little more balanced you will gain back all your weight and sometimes more. Slow and steady always wins the race.


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