Still Not Losing Body Fat? This Is Your Problem!

Summer is here people! So…did you reach your fitness goals? Are you beach ready as you had hoped to be? No! What? Why?! What happened?! Let me tell you what I think happened…

You jumped around from different sources, people, trainers, coaches, programs way too much; before you actually dedicated yourself 100% to any of them. Sorry to break it to you but it was your inconsistency that has left you here with no results. If this sounds like you keep reading.160129_054106

I’m not making this stuff up. When I get potential clients who approach me for fat loss or any fitness help for that matter; I can tell if they have probably already been to a bunch of different trainers or coaches before me asking for the same exact help. How? First off, they know EXACTLY what they want, I mean down to the T [i.e abs, toned legs, strong upper body, this or that] they lay it all out. In addition, they have a set training regimen already going too. It’s rare that someone who is new to fitness knows exactly what they want in full detail. Most beginners have an idea but rarely can tell me how to get there.

Why is jumping around from source to source a problem? Well first off you are wasting your time and money! What good does it do you to hire someone to coach you or train you when you can’t even do as they ask of you. For example; I may ask my client to start off by simply keeping track of their food intake. I won’t even take away any food items from them. I simply ask them to write down their trends so that I can help them fix their problem. They can’t even do that! Then 1 month later they are wondering why NOTHING HAS HAPPENED! Well duh! You haven’t even tried! So they get desperate once again and jump to another trainer or coach and pay them and so on and so forth. The problem is YOU if these are your habits.

You can have the most fit trainer in the world or pay the most money for top-notch plans or programs but non of them work if you can’t be honest with your efforts.

Everything worth having requires work, dedication, consistency, and most of all patience. Until YOU are ready; I mean absolutely ready to put all of these efforts in- nothing will work for you. You will continue to over eat, cheat, lack motivation, make excuses, jump around from trainer to trainer, try a jillion different programs just to be exactly where you are at 2 years later.

I apologize if this post sounds harsh but someone has to tell you. I tell you this so maybe today is THE day that you finally say I am done with lying to myself and I am ready to put in the work that is required.

I hope this helps.