The Chronic Under Eater Who Expects To Be Fit

If you take to time to read all of this through- I can guarantee that you will find some of the mistakes you are currently making in your fitness program as to why you are not moving forward or progressing.

I remember when I first become a personal trainer my idea of the typical client would be somebody who has a problem with overeating and just needs to lose body fat.

1455639079564.jpgI have had the pleasure to work with so many different clients from different walks of life and it’s been the best time of my life. I’ve learned that every client has such different eating habits there really isn’t one size fits all and I think that’s something very important for you to understand.

For example you may notice your friend is getting great results off lesser calories than you are consuming; so you jump the bandwagon and assume that you need to be doing exactly the same thing to be getting those results. But what if you need more calories in her to get the results that you need? This is how a lot of people fall into the dump of chronically under eating yet expect the results to be the best.

Chronically under eating happens many different ways: forgetting to eat ,skipping meals, not preparing your meals, not eating just because you don’t feel hungry, or even stress related.

If you are on a fitness program or just looking to be healthier and more fit the goal is always to eat the most that you can while still getting results never try to eat less first always try to eat more before you reduce food intake.

Unfortunately we have been taught for such a long time to do the exact opposite which is cut calories drastically. When in reality you only need to make small changes such as moving more first then reducing food intake when fat loss stalls.

If you are always under eating trust me you will not get the results you are looking for you will just be spinning your wheels. If this sounds like you try eating a little bit more and not being afraid of food. Then see what happens; if you gain too much weight then go back to where you were, at least we’ll know how to fix it but do not be afraid to eat your muscles grow with food not off thin air.