What I Eat In a Day

I like sharing my food diary. I’ll tell you why. Have you ever asked someone who was relatively more fit than you; what they ate? To your surprise it wasn’t as strict as you expected it to be. Then you sit there wondering how is it that they aren’t that strict; but you are, and your physical results aren’t as great? Hmmm…


There’s alot of factors to consider aside from just nutrition:

  • Are you training hard?
  • Are you consistent?
  • Do you have cheat days?
  • Are you keeping track?
  • Are you being too strict?

Here is a typical day for me, when I say typical I mean I am on a maintenence calorie diet (calories that keep me happy, full but not overboard to gain body fat).

Meal 1: waffles (made with coconut flour) with fruit and whipped cream toppings + egg whites + coffee with creamer

● train clients, answer emails, walk my dog, train myself.


Meal 2: turkey and egg omlete + beans + vegetables + corn tortilla + jello and whipped cream for dessert


Meal 3: chicken sausage + vegetables + rice cakes with cream cheese + peanut butter

● take supplements greens powder + potassium + spirulina + powerade

● depending on day train more clients

Meal 4: [my favorite- last meal before bed!] Protein pudding + dreyers slow churned ice cream + frozen blueberries + puffed rice cereal + whipped cream + sunflower butter  ❤

What I want you to take from this is you don’t have to eat 6x/day (I only eat 4 large) nor do you have to eat every 3 hours (I eat every 5 hours). It really is preference and also what feels natural to you. At the end of the day if you are staying within calories you will lose body or maintain; whichever your goals are.