What It Means To Be Healthy and Fit

Some days (especially on my long walks) I get real deep thoughts. Thoughts so deep that I almost want to do a speech of some sort so people can hear them. Well clearly that won’t be happening anytime soon, hah! That’s why I turn to this blog.
You see, with a lot of my health and fitness experiences, my clients are lucky enough to not make the same mistakes I’ve made. I’m able to take them from point A to point B. I mean it’s why they’ve hired me. But I do wish there was more of me to help more of you. That’s why I wanted to chat balancing your health and fitness.

To be healthy and fit it requires a few things:

1. to still feel like a normal person in social settings despite your fitness goals.

2. to not feel deprived but being aware of moderation with food

3. to understand that your body would prefer nutrient foods but treats will not hault your progress

4. to understand that cheat meals and cheat days are keeping you fat, therefore re read number 2.

5. to work out enough to keep your progress going but not too much that you hate working out

6. to understand the road you took to take the body fat off you must continue to live in such a way to keep it off

7. to know that protein is your best friend

8. to not eliminate food or food groups

9. to understand that supplements are not magic foods nor should they replace REAL food

10. to always be a consistent exerciser (1-3 days off is fine, but not 1 week & more)

xoxo, Alyssa