What To Know About Fat Loss

1. The scale is just a smidgen of your results: I’m sure you’ve heard it before. The scale is just a number. It’s true it really is and it shouldn’t ruin your day when you see a number you don’t like. The scale should be used as a tool to track your rate of progress. For example; I always have my clients choose a weight they are comfortable at that way this allows them to be 5lbs in range of that number.

2. The rate of fat loss is different for all: If you keep comparing yourself to your friends who’s losing fat much faster than you you’re doing it all wrong. You have no idea what their metabolism is like, nor do you know their genetics. If you see progress within yourself then take it! Slow progress is 100% better than non at all.

3. The journey is much different from what you’ll expect: The journey to fat loss vill is not all butterflies and rainbows. Some people tend to think, “cool! I got my meal plan and training plan set in one month I’m ganna drop so much weight!” Fat loss is not linear it’s kinda like a roller coaster.

4. Where you lose fat is not in your control: those stubborn fat areas are stubborn for a reason its in your genetics. You can’t control where you lose the fat first. Understand that you will need to work harder to rid the most stubborn fat that’s why consistency is key, never give up.

5. You can’t out exercise fat loss: Just because you are exercising ALOT does not mean you can eat whatever you want. In general, you still need to create a caloric deficit. The best way to do so is through diet and exercise not one over the other. A combination of both will prevent regaining the weight.

6. You don’t have to deprive yourself: You can still enjoy a lot of the foods you love it’s never about removing food groups or food items this will only create a bad relationship with food. Get help on what macro/micronutrients requirements your body needs and learn how to incorporate the foods you love to make the process a little more enjoyable.

7. Consistency is key: Are you following your meal plan and training plan at least 90% of the time? That’s’ great!  Consistency will always win over slip ups here and there. If you’re slipping once a week then that’s a different story you need a new plan that fits your lifestyle.

8. If you suffer an eating disorder then you DO NOT need to be dieting for fat loss. Get help first. Find the root of your problem then go back to a fat loss program. I never recommend trying to diet when psychologically there are other issues involved. Eating disorders are no joke and nothing to be ashamed of. Seek help right away.


(Me enjoying a pina colada in Maui, I know I am consistent in my healthy eating habits and training. This pina colada wont sabotage my efforts. Healthy and happy is my number one)

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