Why Exercising More and Eating Less Is Not Always The Answer

I remember when I first started my fat loss journey. I was on a ROLL! Things were going great! I wasn’t having any cravings, I never missed a workout, I ate all the food I was supposed to, life was goooooood. But then it hit me. The infamous plateau situation. I stopped losing fat, I wasn’t motivated anymore, I craved more foods than usual yet I was working my ass off! What was happening to me?! I was freaking out. It wasn’t until I did something that I sort of figured it out. I say sort of because I figured it out by accident.

What I did was I ate way more than I was supposed to. This was intentional though. I remember that day clearly I just said to myself, “I’ve been dieting way too long, I just need to eat a good meal.” To me a good meal is not always a dessert. To me it’s a meal that I can care less about the portion or the balance of the meal (protein, fat, carbs). It’s a delicious meal that I want to eat, normally would not eat and I eat until I am full. I felt guilt but truthfully I felt relieved because after months and months of dieting I needed some relief. Then next day I was sure I gained fat but I didn’t care because I was stuck anyway. I wasn’t losing anymore fat. I was completely stuck spinning my wheels. To my surprise I lost 2lbs! I was really confused.

Then I did my research as to why this happened to me. It’s a little something that it called a refeed. In general it’s a period of overeating to allow the body a break from intense dieting. Apparently this was something people do on purpose to continue losing weight yet I did this by accident and discovered it. Many of you would call this a cheat meal but NO WAY a refeed is far from that. Ask my clients they know a cheat meal is a slippery slope back to where you started a refeed is scheduled on purpose to continue fat loss. I will get in-depth on refeeds for another post but for now. Research what it is, what it means, and if you are in a position where you could benefit.

Remember, I’m here for you.










Alyssa xoxo

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