Why I Chose To No Longer Compete In Bikini Shows


If you’ve been following me since the ‘Pay Fitness Forward’ days then you know my story quite well and how I even started in the fitness industry. To break it down quite simply I was once 50lbs overweight, lost 40lbs, didn’t know what to do next, was convinced by a trainer at my local gym to do a bikini competition, did two bikini competitions back to back, the rest goes a little something like this…

Post bikini competitions I continued to study at the University all while being a personal trainer and representing large supplement companies. I really did love the fitness life. The fitness events I worked, the training, my clients, the networking, everything! I loved it all. Then something hit me. It all became so exhausting. My relationship with food was horrible. I feared fruit and carbs. I feared taking a day off the gym. I will point out I DID NOT have a competition coach during any of my preps therefore I probably didn’t approach it the right way.

When you’re in the bikini competition world the talk is usually when your next show is or whether you’re in season (AKA in shape) or off season (AKA out of shape or lean gaining) there wasn’t really any middle ground. You see, I was brand new to all this so in my mind I had to be extreme in order to be in shape I knew no other way. That shit catches up to you real quick!

I suddenly fell out of love for fitness (the vanity part of it at least). I fell back in love with health. Health is what it’s really all about. Being healthy truly is preventative medicine. I wanted to promote that you can live a balanced life and still be fit and healthy. It takes practice yes but it can be done.

Bikini competitions have become all the rave these days- everyone wants to do them. I don’t think one understands the measures one must go to in order to be competitive. It is an extreme sport. It requires reducing calories to levels you’ll probably cringe, and training on such cringe worthy calories. It requires mental discipline because yes that extra banana you ate CAN hold you back from that lean physique that is needed to be stage worthy. It is totally okay if it’s not for you. And that is what I struggled with. Because I had done previous competitions I lead myself to believe that it HAD to be for me.

My vision for the future didn’t have me in that world anymore. There’s nothing wrong with competitions it just wasn’t for ME.

Fast forward I now run my own personal training business A-FIT Personal Training where I get to help my clients everyday get closer to healthy and I run my own fitness bakeshop A-FIT bake shop where I get to feed people healthy! It really is a dream come true but I worked so hard for this!

This is me today May 2016. I’m just as healthy and relatively fit (I weigh the same too!) as I was a few years back when I used to bikini compete but I eat double the amount and train half the amount. Best of all I’m just plain happy.