Your Binge Eating Is Setting You Back

I’ve been urging to write this blog post. To be honest I just didn’t know how to get my point across without making it sound as if I’m blaming whoever is reading this that they have a problem or that I just don’t ‘get it’. If you bare with me and read this in its whole entirety I really think you can take something today with you if binge eating is a big struggle of yours.


One of the BIGGEST reasons why I advocate flexible dieting is because it goes hand in hand with real life situations and it works I am proof. Let me elaborate what flexible dieting is to me in my A-FIT training and nutrition programs. Flexible dieting is when there are no such thing as clean or dirty foods. However, there is such a thing as more nutritious foods than others. For example I would much rather my client eat an unflavored plain Greek yogurt and add stevia for sweetness and some fruit on top for healthy carbohydrates but what if they are in a time crunch and this isn’t accessible to them? Do they just not eat? NO WAY! If they were close to a convenient store and had to drop in to pick a Greek yogurt that had added sugars that I would have liked its no big deal. It’s what was the best choice at that time. This is being flexible in times of need.

The more strict you are with your diet the more obsessive you get and you’ll eventually fall off the wagon or throw in the towel and say dieting plain sucks and you’ll give up. Real life is random especially if you have kids, full time school, full time jobs not all days are always the same. Yes, being prepared by packing your lunch, bringing your snacks is what I always recommend because this is setting yourself up for success, but let me just say SHIT HAPPENS!

Where does binge eating tie into all this? Well think about it; if you aren’t flexible with your diet you have an all or nothing approach that means any small slip up leads to guilt and shame and you say F it and eat all the food plus more than you even wanted or needed but since you already messed it all up who cares right?! WRONG! This is binge eating. Eating perfect then going crazy when you can’t take it anymore. Some people I’ve worked with we’ve been able to clean up these acts simply by allowing flexibility in their eating style but others the binge eating is so severe it truly is a root problem that needs to be dealt by a professional.

Remember this and drill this in your head. If you ate healthy 6 days per week and messed it up by eating 7 slices of pizza on the 7th day weren’t you better off eating 1 slice of pizza everyday for 7 days by including it in your daily calorie allowance. Where by the end of the week you didn’t go over calories?

That’s exactly the approach of all my clients. They have no need to binge because they can have it if they want it and if only if it fits into their daily caloric and macronutrient intake. Rethink how you are dieting I guarantee this is why you keep failing over and over. Remember I am here for you.