Personal Training (Santa Ana, Orange County only)

All fees must be paid prior to scheduling. 

  • 1 purchased session $55/hr = $55
  • 2 purchased sessions $50/hr = $100
  • 8 purchased sessions $45/hr = $360
  • 12 purchased sessions $40/hr = $480

*remember! commercial gyms like 24HR Fitness, LA Fitness, Equinox, etc. charge anywhere from $65/hr up to $120/hr*

  • 50 min one on one personal training
  • Strength and Functional training plan to progress according to your goals
  • Cardio plan to progress according to your goals
  • Full access to unlimited questions, advice, tips
  • Customized nutrition breakdown based on personal needs and goals
  • Adjustments throughout program as needed
  • Personal supplement, food guide

No Refunds or Early Cancelations. Email to inquire about limited available space. CLIENT APPLICATION REQUIRED.

What can a personal trainer do for you? A personal trainer can help you measure your progress and success with a customized training plan. A trainer will teach you form to reduce the risk of injury in addition help you work around your current injuries. This will help you achieve optimal over health and results.