Alyssa’s Current Training Plan

March 22nd 2017

I am making the date of this post above clear for 2 reasons. When I write programs for myself they last ~12-13 weeks. So if you are reading this note when you are reading this as for my program may have changed or I am currently still doing my program.

I just finished my latest program where glute growth was my main goal. I wanted to increase their size and make them much stronger. I was very successful [see photo below]. Although the picture is a 6 year difference you can see with time and strategic planning you can most definitely enhance your assets (pun intended :-p) 
I did my best to eat the most I could while still staying relatively lean. I want to point out that I probably could have made even more progress if I ate even more but for myself I have noticed that once I get my calories up to 250g carb and 120g protein. My hunger is low and I start to feel sluggish and force fed. I know that bulking is what many prefer to gain even more muscle mass but that is not how I like to plan my eating along with my training I like to eat as much as I need and that’s about it. I have done force feeding in the past to keep increasing my calories but I mentally can’t handle it.
What’s my next focus? Improve my hamstrings & glutes (again!). Here are my main focuses:
Legs 2x/week
Glutes 3x/week
Triceps 2x/week
Abs 2x/week
Biceps 1x/week
Back 1x/week
Chest 1x/week
Shoulders 2x/week
Cardio walking everyday with 2 high intensity sessions weekly
I am still not squatting and will continue to increase my hip thrust instead. In addition I will switching from conventional deadlift to sumo. Why? Well  sumo deadlifts most definitely target the glutes much more. However, I am not very good at the movement so I tend to avoid it well it’s time to start doing something that challenges me and get really good at it!  I know many will ask how I plan to do all the above in a weekly period. For my I pair together what feels good and feels refreshed. The way I teach my clients is it doesn’t matter how you pair body parts just be sure that by the end of the week you complete everything that needs to be done. For me, I can complete the above listed in a 5-6 day period. Feel free to follow my progress on Instagram: @alyssamlemus and Snapchat: @moniquelemus
If you feel you need help with a specific training program check out my website
Thanks for following my journey!