Cardio That Makes Your Heart Beat Out of Your Chest

If you’ve read one of my latest blogs: {Cardio For Fat Loss: How To Use It and Not Abuse It}; you recall me writing about how its VERY easy to abuse cardio.

What I mean by that is; do too much that you actually really need. This mistake usually occurs in individuals who fear weight training. Or there’s also those individuals that simply don’t know how to weight train correctly so instead of looking silly they stick to the cardio machine to play it safe.

I wanted to share a simple cardio routine with you that I use often. I promise it will leave you feeling well accomplished. If there’s one thing I recommend to ALL my clients; it’s to have at leave one cardio session/week that is ridiculously challenging. So challenging that you can’t talk after you completed one round. The goal is to go all out during the working portion then rest completely so you are ready to go hard again.


3 sets of 5 min rounds (feel free to use whatever cardio machine you like):

5 rounds

40 sec bike sprint all out effort 20 sec rest

1.5 min complete rest

5 rounds

40 sec body weight burpee 20 sec rest

1.5 min complete rest

5 round

40 sec battle rope 20 sec rest

sretch and cool down.

THAT’S IT! Total of 15min of work. Remember what is challenging to you is a different challenge to your friend so the goal is to not be able to talk after the 40 sec all out effort.