Giant Sets

Life gets busy and then all of a sudden you find yourself out of the gym again for quite some time. Don’t let being short on time get into the way of your health. It doesn’t have to be that way; you can actually get in an effective workout when you are absolutely short on time with Giant Sets!


A giant set is a series of 3 or more exercises performed back to back with almost no rest in between. Performing a weight training session this way will place a larger load of exhaustion on the muscle group you are training. Whenever you want to stimulate more muscle growth or break through a plateau you may want to consider giant sets into your work out routine. Always remember to not make giant sets as the only ways to train because this can lead to overtraining however do consider adding them for a great muscle burn. When performed correctly you can get in an efficient workout in a shorter amount of time.

Example of a Giant Set with Back: (To be performed back to back with little or no rest in between. The only rest you should aim for is putting down the weights and picking up a different weight to perform the next exercise in a casual manner) Dumbbell Row: 10-12 reps quickly move to Lat Pulldowns quickly move to Chin Ups: max to failure then Rest and repeat

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