How To Design An Effective Ab Workout

There is a lot of misleading information regarding “six pack” advice.


  • Some people say you have to do fancy ab workouts…but they’re wrong.
  • Some people say you have to cut out certain types of foods (i.e dairy, gluten, bread, carbs, sugars)…but they’re wrong too.
  • And some people say it’s all about the supplements (protein powers, fat burners, etc.)…but they’re totally wrong.

The truth is as long as you’re in a caloric deficit abs will start to show read more about that HERE if you don’t know what I mean.

Typically abs start to show around 15% and 25% for men and women. I find that with myself and my clients when they are at a body fat percentage that seems maintainable but not extremely lean they can build a very nice core that makes them feel healthy and accomplished. Any lower body fat requires much more dedication and a strict adherence to you training and caloric intake. It’s possible but for the average individual that I work with (moms, full time students, full time workers) they don’t have the desire to be that lean where it does require more work than the average. They are happy with being able to walk around the beach with their shirt off comfortably.

How To Design An Effective Ab Workout

(I train my abs 2-3x/week I use heavy weights with a combination of bodyweight to create what I call little ‘ab mountains’)

  1. Combine a weighted ab movement with a bodyweight movement.
    Ex: Cable Crunches followed by planks, Ab Wheel followed by leg raises
  2. Train abs 2-3x/week (they are a muscle so they will grow)
    Note: if prominent abs is not your thing you only need 1x/week
  3. Allow rest in between for your abs to rest and recover to grow
    Note: abs that are sore need rest too

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