How To Start A Weight Training Program

Starting any exercise program can be scary. You may not feel confident that you can fully execute your program with success or where you fall in the beginners to advance stage. Not too worry I’m here to help you get started! If you haven’t read my blog about Signs your exercise program is not right for you; I highly recommend you do!


Why am I focusing on weight training and not cardio training? Well Research has shown that a combination of both helps you lose more fat while increasing your metabolism than just being a slave to cardio alone. The more muscle density you have the more calories you burn at rest. Have you ever noticed those people who are super fit and they seem to stay fit effortlessly? Well there’s a reason for that. Not only are they committed to their healthy lifestyle but they naturally can stay fit easier because of the amount of muscle density they carry for their body size. Don’t get me wrong they STILL have to continuously put in the work but over time a little time off in their weight training routine wont affect them as much as it would affect a beginner. So let’s get a weight training program going for you:

  1. Find the best time to weight train. Are you willing to get up early before the kids, school or work? Or will you still have the energy to do it after your days priorities are over? Find the time that you WILL get it done! period! Notice I said willing, you need to make the effort somewhere no one will lift the weights for you.
  2. Split up your routine so you will complete it during the week. For example if you only have Monday Wednesday and Friday to weight train then your weight training schedule will look something like this. Monday- Upper Body, Wednesday- Lower Body and Friday- Total Body. Find out how many days you have to commit then arrange by body parts or upper and lower.
  3. Keep your fitness goals in mind. Are you trying to gain just strength? or perhaps you really want to bring up lagging body parts? flabby arms, saggy chest, cellulite butt? figure out what you would like to achieve and set up a routine that will target those areas to make them more defined.
  4. Start slow. Only you know how challenging the program is for you. Start small and go big when you are ready. Progressing is key here and even if you up the weights by 5lbs that’s 5lbs more that you couldn’t do before. Slow and steady wins the race. Keep challenging yourself that’s how you progress.

That’s why sometimes having a personal trainer is beneficial they can tailor an appropriate program for you and your goals (they consider everything from injuries to how much time you have to invest). They keep your motivation high when you are doubting your progress. A great trainer is behind you 100%!

Remember I’m here for you.



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