My New Training Program

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM I mentioned that I wanted to post up how I’ve recently changed up my training program. These past 2 years I’ve taken powerlifing very seriously. Meaning, I track my progress via a notebook. I make sure I am increasing my total work volume and percentages are changing according to my recovery and progress.

I know 100% I am making major strength gains. But just like many things; I get bored. Not bored of heavy lifting but bored of the routine it entailed. My training program was so powerlifting focused that sort of missed the small things in between such as super high reps that felt like cardio (i.e squats for reps of 25) I haven’t put myself in a program like that in years. There is plenty of research that shows heavy and lighter weight training both have their pros. The bottom line is the best training program is one that you will actually want to do and enjoy doing it. The moment my training feels like a chore I change it up because I want to always want to be ‘in the game’ sort of speak.


As an advanced lifter I’ve worked my way up to 3x/ week leg training and 2-3x/week upper body training splits (broken up into back/biceps, chest/triceps/shoulders, weak point areas on the 3rd day), abs were thrown in as I felt I needed them minimum 1x/week.

As of lately I felt as if I wasn’t recovering well. As much as it feels good to be hard core. Not recovering is not good. Your training is pretty much crap. What’s the point of showing up if you can’t even execute decent work? That’s my train of thought. So I took a step back and here is what I am doing as of late:

2x/week legs (heavy and light day)

2x/week upper body (heavy and light day)

2x/week abs

1x/week weak points (these are extra things I want to work on: triceps, shoulders, glutes)

This leaves me training 5-6x/week. I like training this much I CAN NOT train 4x/week I don’t like it at all. I truly enjoy training it keeps me mentally happy- it’s my me time and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I only take 1 rest day a week not by choice but because my body is like, “YO! slow down, I’m exhausted!” True story.

I am still incorporating powerlifting movements (Deadlifts, squats, and bench press) but I a taking a bit of a break from the 5 rep range. My heavy days were typically 5-6 reps now they are more in the range of 8-10 and lighter days range between 12-15 reps.

I would recommend the training outlined above for someone who is moderate and or advanced to weight training. However if you are new to weight lifting and need help designing a program that is right for you email me and perhaps I can give you some pointers

In love and health,