My Top Recommended Fitness Toys- for at home workouts

Before I built my full equipped home gym I had these few items at home for when I couldn’t get to my commercial gym. I chose these as my top 5 because I think these are great fitness toys to have as a basic. They will allow you to have amazing workout and are budget friendly.

Pair of dumbbells
Be sure to choose a weight that will be challenging and can be used for a variety of exercise movements.
Girls 10-15lb, Guys 20-25lb
dumbbell blog

Swiss Ball
a medium size is perfect in size.
You can do various ab exercises and back hypertexions
swiss ball blog

 Yoga mat 

yoga mat blog

 Resistance bands
one of my favorite fitness tools, I suggest getting 3 resistance colors(light, medium, and heavy). You can do so many excises with these from bicep curls, to shoulder presses even chest work.

resistance bands blog

 Jump Rope
the best cardio equipment you’ll ever need! Jump rope works your core, calves, and shoulders the better you get the faster you can skip for a challenge.

skip rope blog

Pull up/chin up bar
if you are really savvy you can make your own You Tube has great videos on how to’s. The pull up bar is a must. I always tell my clients at some point in your life you need to be able to push (push ups) and pull (pull ups) your own body weigh. You can also use the bar to do ab leg raises, it can be moved to the floor to do push and body weight trice dips.

pull up bar blog



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