Upper Body Hyper

When I first started weight training I utilized the approach of training one body part per day.  At the time I felt this was good for me because it allowed seven days of rest for that body part before I trained it again.  However over time if you utilize this approach like such your body will adapt to it and it will no longer serve you.

I like putting my clients on an upper and lower body split that way we are sure we target the upper half of the body and lower half of the body twice per week.  It may sound like a lot to you but as long as you keep your sets between 3-4 you will not be over training or exhausted but you will be sore.

Here is an example of an upper body hyper training day training day. Hyper means hypertrophy (12-15  repetitions)

3 sets of 12-15 each exercise:

Dumbbell row

Dumbbell curls

tricep push-ups

dumbbell chest press

Dumbbell up right row


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